Welcome to MatPost 2023!

Dominique SERVE – Schneider Electric
General Chair


As an extension of previous editions, the MatPost 2023 Conference will bring together, within the framework of technical conferences, electricity producers,
network managers and equipment manufacturers.

Energy debates focus on decarbonization pathways:
The migration of uses to electricity leads to the search for ways to support this transition, with strategies to be put in place at all levels, from the exploitation of material deposits, to digitalization.
The stakes and challenges are major to deal with this new electrification revolution, but also for sustainable electronics in an increasingly digital world.

It is imperative to succeed in combining all the constraints linked to access to resources over the long term for a sustainable future, with the deployment of energy infrastructures requiring real-time control of operations, by integrating uncertainty into Planning.

Electricity is at the heart of energy and digitalization:
For the profession as a whole, whether it is the operators of electrical networks, the manufacturers of components and systems for these networks, but also all the players in research centers, universities, test laboratories, all are mobilized on these issues, in particular through consortia. The drastic improvement in energy efficiency is a major challenge.

 Also, the next MatPost 2023 Conference proposes the following theme:
“Major infrastructure projects for a carbon-free world and their impact on Substation equipment”.

The messages of our previous edition have been reinforced. Each component has both an electrotechnical functional role but also becomes a connected object. The Substation becomes the place of collection, of synthesis of valorization at the crossroads of these two networks. Today’s electrical system is indeed a network of objects connected by a double channel: energy, the traditional way, but also information.

In 2022, physical data, for the most part, is generated by machines:

Operation, storage and processing, transmission to the processing unit make this local processing necessary.
Analyzing this exponentially growing data, also via the cloud and other related technologies to enable this shift from data to insights and results are all key technologies for digital transformation. Businesses around the world are investing in the Internet of Things. Cybersecurity is a critical area. Cyber threats to the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are real and global.

The integration of intermittent renewable decentralized electricity production as well as electric vehicles are major challenges for the electricity system. This variability requires permanent control of the overall stability between production and consumption.

The 7 plenary sessions and 1 round-table of the MatPost 2023 Conference will address these challenges for HV and MV substation equipment:

  • Integration into electrical networks of renewable energy and its production
  • The electrical network for sustainable mobility,
  • Direct Current and performance of power semiconductors, converters,
  • Maintenance of facilities, behavior laws, aging laws,
  • Asset management, condition monitoring, supervision, the contribution of Artificial Intelligence to the management of these assets,
  • The digital era, with the explosion of connected objects and the impact on cybersecurity, digital twins, properties and catalog data, communication networks,
  • Eco-design and sustainable development, circular economy, repairability, dismantling and rare materials, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), and ownership costs, new SF6 replacement solutions, new technologies,
  • Changes in standards and regulation, with coordination between committees, interoperability, upward compatibility, “Grid Codes”.

During the two days of plenary sessions, the technical exhibition of the MatPost conference which brings together the main players always arouses the interest of visitors. Visiting the exhibition is a must for the conviviality made possible by the size of the event, the spaces for discussion around the themes of the Conference and the presence on the stands of experts in the fields presented.

This exhibition is an excellent complement to the rich scientific and technical program presented during the plenary sessions of the Conference. It will be the opportunity to interact with the key players of the MatPost community and show your products.

Technical visits will be proposed on the third day. Stay tuned!