Technical Visits - November 24th

Visit n°1 : RTE Campus Transfo

“Campus Transfo is Europe’s largest campus dedicated to training and innovation in electricity transmission field. It’s a unique place dedicated to the marriage of electrical and digital networks, foundation of the energy transition. It’s a laboratory that brings together experts and trainers to work on key activities for the electricity transmission businesses of today and tomorrow. It’s also a centre of expertise and a technology showcase open to regional, national and international public and private players in the energy sector: manufacturers, local authorities, institutions, universities, digital specialists and European partners. Because RTE needs the help of others to prepare the transformation of electricity transmission required for the energy transition, Campus Transfo was conceived and designed as a place connected to its ecosystem, a place to learn, discover, experiment, innovate, welcome and federate. Welcome to Campus Transfo, and welcome to all the creative energies!”

– RTE Campus Transfo Director

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Visit n°2 : info coming soon